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Who We Are

Vision, Mission and Collaboration

Shift Geothermal is a non-profit consortium of academic institutions and industry leaders with a proven track record of developing innovative technology and building companies in the energy market. The group has vast real word experience of working in the energy sector fortified with extensive research into alternative energy sources with a focus on geothermal electricity generation. Our own research and that of our extended networks has put us at the epicentre of geothermal R&D.

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Our Vision

To transform the decarbonisation of energy through sustainable geothermal solutions

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Our Mission

We are seeking to position technology and expertise to develop existing subsurface assets and infrastructure, utilising geothermal solutions that maximise energy recovery and eliminate carbon emissions as part of a just energy transition.

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Our Journey and Partnerships

We would like shift to be a major contributor to global geothermal R&D through ey partnerships and collaborative studies.

2021 Partnerships:

Durham University
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